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Art Direction · UI · Branding



Website Redesign it’s the go-to website for placing animal adoption ads. It has helped numerous families find their beloved pets over the past 12 years but was in need for some loving since it’s design hadn’t been updated since it was first published.

A much needed rebrand

Adopta-me itself, as a brand, needed a revamp. Not just the website. So I started by rethinking the logo, the color palette and typography, as well as the tone of voice and imagery used to communicate.

Renewed colour pallete and contemporary typography

The thrill and warmth of bringing a furry friend into our lives were the inspiration for this colour choices. These playful, energetic and sweet colours and typography are all about that loving for the furry pals. While it creates excitement on the users looking for an animal, it may relief a bit of the psychological weight of giving away an animal for adoption, which is most of the times a sad situation.

Varela Round


The end result

A straight forward user interface design. On the homepage, the search sidebar helps users find what they’re looking for in no time. The Why Adopt and the How to Help areas inform and educate users that might be interested in helping animals in general. The forms are easy to understand and fill in and the overall experience was improved highly improved.

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