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Website Redesign

New Directors, New Films it’s an annual festival of filmmakers in Espinho, Portugal. The website has sections like a news feed, information about the festival itself and its modalities, ticket store, talks program and movie screenings calendar.

New branding, new website

For the 2016 edition, FEST had been trough a rebranding that created the opportunity for the website redesign. The previous version did not reflect the character and scale of the event, neither the quality of the screenings or the speakers.

Now FEST has a more mature approach to the public and that feeling flows trought the pages, along a somewhat dark atmosphere that reminds us of cinema rooms.

Branding colours used as categories

As a way of organising and distributing content on the news feed I created a tag system that atributes one of the 3 main colours from the color palete defined in the branding to each of the 3 categories. Since red is the main colour of the brand it goes to signalling content related to the festival itself. The yellow and blue go to the Pitching Forum and the Training Ground.

Template-like layout approach

As a way of reducing development costs and time of production (as these were two restraints) I created template-like layout for articles that can be used in various situations trough the website.


A big game changer for the event was the improved responsiveness of its website. For the user to be able to consult the program, the speakers bios and the screenings schedule and technical sheets on their mobile devices was a must. It was also important not to alienate mobile users meaning to buy tickets hassle-free, which was a difficult task in the past.

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