Finding you the best waves


Art Direction · UX · UI




iOS App

GoSurf it’s an iOS app concept that aims to inform users about weather and surf conditions at the spots they’re interested about.

My role in this project was to do benchmarking on similar apps, research in order to understand the surfing market, develop personas to better understand who the target audience is and what they might need in terms of features, wireframe and prototype before jumping into the user interface design.


The whole app runs around the users preferred surf spots. By having that information the app has a better chance of showing relevant content.


Displays users favourite spots as well as their overall weather conditions.

The colour system helps users know right away if a spot is worth paying attention to or not.

Spots are sorted by favourites first and distance from users current location second.


Shows all the spots in a searched area, based on key words in it’s database and sorted by distance to the users current location.


Shows a glimpse of the overall weather conditions on the nearby spots.

The color system, again, indicates if a spot is or isn’t good for surfing at the moment.

By tapping the name of the spot, its detail screen is shown.

The goSurf! button takes the user to their navigation app.


Displays detailed information about the surf conditions on a spot. The goSurf! button takes the user to their navigation app.

Colours, photography, type

The grainy black and white photo effect, as well as the neutral creme, grey and dark grey intent to appeal to the nostalgia of film photography which is part of the graphic environment of the sport taken from (now vintage) surf movies. The monospaced PT Mono is another clue to this sentiment, being a reference to typewriters.


PT Mono