Waiting for the bus, stress free.


Art Direction · UX · UI


Personal project


Android app

Porto.Bus is an Android app that shows users the estimated time of arrival for every bus passing by a given stop within the city of Oporto’s public transportation network.

It consists of a personal project I came up with as a way of learning more about the process of designing an app from scratch to publish.

Limited resources = Keeping it simple

This app depends on very limited service providers in order to work. So, as a requirement I imposed to myself, the user flow had to be as simple as possible and take the most out of the existing resources. After sketching a lot and testing with real users I got a very simple 4 screen app design.

Colours, type and user interface style

The city of Porto has a very strong, coherent and recognisable brand and is not shy about showing it off. People know it well and I wanted the visual design for this app to be aligned with it so users feel it as a part of the city life.

Lato Regular

Lato Black


Search for a stop code or pick a line.


See all the stops in a given line, plus complementary info like stop localisation, code and zone. Invert the journey as it suits you.


See all the busses arriving within the next hour and know the waiting time for each of them. If you’ll use the same stop often, save it as a favourite.