Bridging telemedicine and health centers

Urban Logistics Mobile Platform

— UX/UI Design, Art Direction

Aiming to bridge the gap between telemedicine and the health centers in Hong Kong, this app provides features ranging from video appointments to in-person appointment scheduling and even ticketing for faster counter check-ins.

I was hired by this start-up to design their first MVP and was responsible for developing personas, flow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, and the final user interface. At every stage of the process, I was committed to making sure the stakeholders were on the same page regarding our target audience, the scope of the project, what screens needed to be created and why, and how they should estimate the dev effort.

The solutions were tested internally along the way, and the result is an all-in-one iOS app, tailored to the Hong Kong demographic, that helps people get better access to traditional and digital healthcare.

For NDA reasons, adjustments have been made to the images below to make the app unrecognizable.


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